Vintage Coin Earrings

Stunning Vintage US Coins with Turquoise

2 thoughts on “Vintage Coin Earrings

  1. Worked with Shelley at Sears until last July. Finally found your brochure again. How much are these earrings and how much to ship to Canada?

    • Sheri :
      thank you so much for your interest. Can you please send me your number. I can call you. I will be in Kamloops on March 1 for several days. I am happy to personally deliver you a pair of earrings. These earrings were custom order & the coin was provided by the client it was a 1930 US dime. They were $45.00 US I am happy to custom make you a pair with a Canadian dime Sunshine or Sail Boat which ever you prefer. Your price would be $40.00 CND since you know Shelley. I will be happy to drop them off if you are interested in placing a custom order.

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